The GOEX givers circle is a global gift exchangeGOEX Givers' Circle: an ongoing gift exchange

The GOEX Givers’ Circle is our special inner circle of supporters and local makers who join hands to support each other. The Givers’ Circle is an ongoing global gift exchange. Join the Givers' Circle HERE>>


As a member of our Givers’ Circle, you make an ongoing donation of $30/month. Your gift is tax deductible!* We use the combined power of the Givers’ Circle – a lot of friends, each doing a little – to strengthen families in two ways.



Most companies in the fashion industry use banks to help them grow, and have private shareholders who reap the profits from that growth. Not us. We are 100% owned by The Global Orphan Project, a non-profit dedicated to vulnerable children. We consider the families and children whom we serve to be our shareholders. Rather than rely upon big banks to help us grow this enterprise, we rely upon an intimate circle of friends, like you! We use funding from the Givers’ Circle to help grow the enterprise, so we can help create more jobs.



From listening to single moms among the poor, we have learned their number one desire: for their children to receive an education. Parents want opportunity for their children. We use funding from the Givers’ Circle to support schools among the extreme poor.




As a member of the givers circle you support local makers

Every other month, you will receive a GOEX box containing a special gift and story from our local makers. Sometimes this will be an item that we carry in the boutique; sometimes a specialty item that we do not sell; sometimes a sneak-peak item that we are considering adding to our collection. All of these gifts will be handmade with love by our local artisans.


We want to bless you with these surprise gifts. And we encourage you to re-gift! Share a gift with a friend, so that she can enjoy the beauty of our local makers.



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*Givers' Circle is tax deductible for the amount exceeding fair market value of goods received.